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Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Inviting you to the world's newest virtual lounge!

Our VISION: To create a resourceful community of Bourn Leaders worldwide. A community of like-minded people who support and uplift each other's journey towards success with compassion and kindness.

As you may have already seen posted in our social media:

We aim to create a refreshing experience offering exclusivity and innovation. An exciting, vibrant and forward-thinking community where you:

~look forward to connecting with like-minded people

~can be yourself

~feel that you belong

~are proud to be a part of!

Bourn Leaders Lounge's purpose is to grow into a powerful one-stop resource with access to:

~a global network of members & guest speakers

~relevant and timely information

~social interaction and community support

~accountability partners

~exclusive discounts

and many, many more benefits all at your fingertips

Most importantly, it is the people you surround yourself with on a daily basis. It makes a world of a difference to be in a community that celebrates:

~kindness & compassion

~personal growth & development

~small victories and big wins

~uplifting others who are down

~living our best life

“Accountability is key to success and ultimately happiness. To have a community who helps hold you accountable to your goals is the first step to success.”

What is the Bourn Leaders Lounge?

A resource chat on Discord that helps you live the life you want, the life re-imagined.

Key distinctions this chat offers:

  • There are numerous topics of interest (e.g., mindset, motivation, spirituality, health & fitness, mental health, career, finances, relationships, parenting, hobbies, etc.) with resources at your fingertips.

  • Option to participate anonymously (e.g., we have mental health topics: stress, anxiety, depression, post-partum, etc. where people may not feel comfortable disclosing their identity but need someone to listen to them)

  • Opportunity to directly ask panel experts & guest speakers your questions through video-conferencing/online

There is so much more this lounge chat can offer, but it depends on people like you, who resonate and support our vision.

The key is to build up the community, as the strength is in the numbers. Whether it comes to attracting world class panel experts, negotiating discounts for our members, the bigger the community, the more impact in getting the best resources for our members.


We are currently offering our best deal ever for our monthly subscription. This is a special price for our founding subscribers*, as we appreciate that we need you to help us grow our community. You will never see these low promo prices** offered again:

  • PREMIUM – USD 10 (regular price USD 25)

  • VIP – USD 50 (reg. price USD 100)

  • EXECUTIVE – USD 250 (reg. price USD 250)

*All subscribers who support us during our lounge grand opening will have "founding subscriber" status, entitled to future perks, as long as the subscription is not cancelled.

**Promo ends 7/31/2020; any subscription purchased at the promo price continues to be honored monthly. Cancel anytime.

Here are the simple steps to take:

  1. To purchase subscription

  2. Select the subscription plan.

  3. Before you can purchase, will be prompted to first SIGN UP on Bourn Leaders website

  4. Then proceed to purchase subscription

  5. Once subscription is purchased, you will receive an email with an invitation link to Discord

  6. How to set up discord

See you at the LOUNGE!

Help us share our vision! Follow us on social media:

LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube: @bournleaders

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