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Manifest the NEW YOU in 2022

For most people these past two years have been a standstill for goalsetting and bucket lists

The Lotus flower grows in the deep mud, far away from the sun. But, sooner or later, the Lotus reaches the light becoming the most beautiful flower ever. It's a symbol of strength & perseverance because it struggles every day to rise out of darkness to manifest its beauty!

Now that we have officially stepped into 2022, the question of what am I doing in 2022 becomes top of mind.

“Are you feeling angry, helpless, frustrated or deflated?”

Given the uncertain circumstances that we are living in today's world, let's first address the elephant in the room and then explore what are some of the things you can do, if you are in lockdown mode to better help you face the year ahead.

The Elephant in the Room

For most people, feeling angry, helpless, frustrated, deflated or even depressed are likely sentiments, especially if you are living in a city where covid protocols are rampant. You may be reminded daily of lockdowns, social distancing, masked people everywhere you go. Depending on whether you have been jabbed or not, would determine whether those passports have been used for entry into restaurants, gyms, venues, etc. or whether you are feeling like a second-tier citizen being denied access in many public places. Whichever group you may belong to, it has affected your life in many aspects. People are being divided based on jab status, race, political views, conspiracy facts and theories, etc. and that is affecting your livelihood.

What Can I Do?

The fact is, you already know what needs to be done. Accept that things are different now and pivot your routine to get you out of negativity. You may not feel motivated to do so, it may seem that your path is unclear, but trust me, you do know deep down inside what it is that you can do.


This year, more than ever, mindset is one of the most important things to focus on to get ahead. FOCUS on the following as a start:

  • Spending time with yourself: Many people neglect this area in their life. The key to being happy is to know yourself, to know your purpose. Otherwise, you can feel like a deflated paper bag blowing in the wind. Make yourself a promise and book 30 minutes to an hour daily into your schedule to spend time with yourself. It can be reading, meditating, doing your favorite hobby, etc.

  • Connect with nature: Go outside and get some sun. Take a walk in the neighborhood and better yet, get to a trail if you can. Most people would wear their earphones while walking, but I suggest not to. Listen to the sounds of nature. When you are grounded with no electronic device interference, you will feel more one with nature. It will energize you, replenish you and you will feel your mind is clearer.

  • Be grateful: Every morning, be thankful of at least one thing in your life. Say it out loud so you can hear it. Look in the mirror and smile.

  • Other ways: Listen to relaxing music (such as music tuned to 432 Hz or 528 Hz), watch uplifting videos of cute animals, breath-taking nature spots, listen to motivational podcasts. Whatever works best for you, do it. The key is to do something you love to get into a healthy, positive mindset!


You can have all the money in the world, but if health is compromised, nothing else matters. Think of your body like a car, if it needs repairs or has completely broke down, getting to your destination would be that much harder!

  • Eat healthy: You don't need to be a professional nutritionist to know that it's important to eat healthy. Foods that are closer to its natural state would be healthiest, compared to processed foods or boxed foods like cereals, granola bars, etc. If you can find foods that are not sprayed with pesticides and not genetically modified, the better!

  • Get active: Depending on your fitness level, it can be a simple walk or it can be full workouts at the gym. With gyms being closed in many places, it is even more important not to neglect this component. Exercise releases endorphins which enhances our general well-being and make us happier, so we do not want to skip out on that.

  • Boost the immune system: There are many resources to tap into from a simple google search. The simplest, which most people don't even do is drink lots of water, get enough sleep, get some sun and take your vitamins. It's that simple!


Without getting into a complicated discussion of what the soul is, let's take the simple approach here. When you observe what you are doing, when you are talking to yourself or judging your own actions, who is that? That is your higher self talking to you, that is your soul. We must nourish our soul and be at peace with ourselves. Here are two helpful ways to explore:

  • Meditation: Depending on the type of meditation that you do, some will say to block out the thoughts, concentrate on your breathing while other forms of meditation let your thoughts flow or perhaps listen to a guided meditation. Do what feels most natural to you. The key is to quiet down your thoughts and block out the noise of the busy world to focus on yourself. This is a time when you basically sit or lie down and do nothing but breathe. Let the thoughts come to you. There is no right or wrong way, as long as you are giving yourself the time to connect from within.

  • Knowledge: No doubt you can learn things from watching social media, the news or even your favourite shows. However, the knowledge I am referring to requires more than the passive observer. It is knowledge that engaged you, makes you think, question and further research to find answers to. You are probably laughing and shaking your head as it sounds like hard work. It is! BUT, that is how wisdom is accumulated. Wisdom is when you apply the knowledge to real life situations. The soul has unlimited potential, but in today's society, for the most part, people have suppressed their souls and their thirst for knowledge.